Forbidden China
Forbidden China
Kink Gong

Forbidden China

Format: CS

Label: Sucata Tapes

Cat No: SUC50

ベルリン拠点のフィールドレコーディングのスペシャリストで実験音楽家のKink Gongが辺境系実験音楽レーベルから<Discrepant>のサブレーベル<Sucata Tapes>からリリースした2022年作。


A pre-lock down project by Laurent Kink Gong Jeanneau, given a new impetus whist home bound in 2020/21. Starting with a detuned Santur (Persian dulcimer) and then expanding the concept and playing techniques to various detuned acoustic guitars, first by raising 2 or 3 strings above the neck whilst hitting them with chinese chopsticks.

With the worldwide lock down of 2020 Laurent took this tecnique to its logical conclusion, by banging everything percussive with strings and exploring the various resonant boxes inherent to this type of instruments, real or not.

A list of forbidden spoken Chinese words were added later on, coinciding with a time when China isolated itself and control of the masses became an international issue.

Those compositions do not use the typical repertoire of south-east asian minority music Kink Gong is known for, instead they start from a completely acoustic home made source and involve minor electronic treatments. Perhaps a new sound where Kink Gong remixes itself, its own home recordings to further add to the already prolific and zigzagging Kink Gong catalogue.

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